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Medical Billing Solutions, Inc. excels in the complete Accounts Receivable cycle.  Our services are customizable to the needs of your practice.  Some of the services we offer are:


  • An industry leading Practice Management software that gets you your money quicker.  Beware, not all programs are created equal. 


  • Answering patient phone calls to take payments and to answer billing questions. We take the time to educate your patients so they understand their balance.Your patients call us, not you. This means your staff can focus more on patient care.


  • Accurately file electronically primary, secondary, and tertiary claims to get you paid quicker.  Uninformed staff can spin their wheels trying to get a claim paid. It can be hard to keep up on the forever changing rules.


  • Diligently following up on outstanding insurance claims over 30 days .  Who has the time to do this??? We do!!! Most staff get caught up on the current day to day things and don't have time to follow up on old money. This equals lost money to you.


  • Researching denied or underpaid claims, filing appeals whenever necessary.   See previous bullet!


  • Filing Workman's Comp and PI claims.  Say what? A lot of practices have no idea where to begin. Did you know that if you get your claims filed promptly that most PI claims pay 100%?


  • Posting all payments from insurance companies and patients.  We review your ERA payments to ensure you are being paid correctly. 


  • Send statements to patients on a weekly basis.  Not only does this speed up your cash flow but we also review the statements to avoid sending unnecessary statements.  


  • Providing access to reports to our physicians, so you are always able to keep track of your receivables.  We believe Physicians should know what's going on with their money.


The most valuable service MBS offers is getting physicians paid for all of the hard work they do!




"Medical Billing Solutions, Inc. has been a tremendous asset to my dermatology practice.  By providing personalized and dedicated service, they are able to provide prompt and open communication.  My A/R is impressively low and follow-up on claims is extremely thorough.  In addition, they participate in continuing education, which keeps them current, and they are wonderful at sharing that information with my practice.  In summary, I would recommend them highly and without reservations!"

Charlotte E. Modly, MD

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