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Meet the Team


Carrie is the owner and President of Medical Billing Solutions, Inc. She has over 31 years experience in the Medical Billing field. She founded Medical Billing Solutions for Physicians  in 1993. In 2007 the business was incorporated. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Carrie was employed as a front desk receptionist in a medical office, and within three months, promoted to front desk supervisor. She moved on to work for an Internal Medicine doctor for 2 years as the billing coordinator. After successfully working his account receivables, she decided to start her own medical billing company. To prepare for this transition, she worked for 2 medical billing companies.  Carrie has a sharp eye for how physicians offices can get caught up with billing issues.  MBS, Inc. takes these hassles out of physicians offices so we can focus on the billing, payment of claims and patient balances. Then the doctor and his staff can focus on patient care. 


Jessica has specialized in Dermatology billing for 21 years. She is also the office manager at MBS, Inc. Her 21 years of medical billing experience has made her proficient in the complete medical billing cycle. She has exceptional customer service skills which make her interactions with patients a positive reflection of our providers offices. Jessica has a bachelors degree in Business Management from Towson University.  


Kelly has been with MBS, Inc. for over 20 years. She is the Insurance Specialist & Director of Marketing for our business. Her perseverance & expertise help her resolve a wide variety of claims issues with insurance carriers. This results in  providers getting paid timely for services they provided. Her excellent communication skills with members of our community make her an asset as our Marketing Director for our business. Kelly is a graduate of Carroll Community College in Westminster, Maryland.


Jessica has been with MBS, Inc. for 14 years. She specializes in OB/GYN and Ophthalmology billing. She also assists with the Marketing for the business. Prior to working for MBS, Inc. Jessica gained invaluable experience by working front office for an Internal Medicine doctor. She learned patient care starts with the first impression given by the staff. She strives to continue this by providing a positive billing experience for our providers patients. Jessica is a graduate of Medix school in Towson, Maryland and is certified in Medical Office Administration.

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